Monday, June 27, 2011

Holidaying with a wee one- Sterilising Issues!!

Going on holiday with an infant.  Worried about how to sterilise all your baby equipment??

Two really handy products I've found could make your life much easier.

1) Firstly for bottles the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Single Bottle Travel Steriliser is a microwave or cold water sterilising unit.   Use you bottle to measure the required amount of water, add 80mL water to the unit, add the basket and bottle and microwave for 3 mins. To use as a cold water steriliser just place the water, bottle and sterilising solution to the unit.  Ensure everything is submerged in the water and close the unit. Sterlise for 30 mins.

Light and small enough to place in a bag, ifs safe to use any time anywhere! Only £9.99 and includes a free 260ml Bottle

2) For those of you with very little room in the case, try the Oasis disposable sterilser bags.  Complete with sterilising tablets they are safe for all babys feeding equipment.  Simply fill the bag with lukewarm water, allow tablet fully to dissolve, add items and submerge for aminimum or 30 minutes.  Each bag is a totally self contained steriler unit lasting up to 24 hours.  Use a new bag and solution every 24 hours. Each pack contains 7 bags, and each bag is individually wrapped and fits easily into a pocket or handbag.  The manufacturers even state its safe to use with foreign water!!  Special Price of £7.39

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Any mini Jamie Olivers out there?

Kids love to copy grown ups! Boys and Girls would be equally delighted with this fantastic Janod Maxi Kitchen.

Janod Maxi Cooker

A wonderful quality wooden kitchen is a vibrant red colour and features a hob, oven, clock and accessories. The ideal toy for your wee Jamie Oliver!

RRP of £84.99, but get yours at The Happy Baby Shop for the bargain price of £69.99!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Need a spare set of wheels??

When you have 2 children there are lots of challenges, not least is the double buggy debate.  A double buggy is expensive and bulky, so the alternative is a buggy board!

The Lascal BuggyBoard Mini is a safe and fun solution for shopping trips with two small children; one in the buggy, and one on the board. The BuggyBoard Mini fits umbrella and classic style and pushchairs, making it cost-effective for families with a classic taste.

The Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi fits 99% of pushchairs, making it truly universal.
Both are easy to fit, easy to use, and easy to store, the BuggyBoard Maxi provides a platform for adventure and excitement for all the family.

BuggyBoards are suitable for use by children aged 2 - 5 years old.

One of the most innovative products to have taken the nursery industry by storm, the Lascal BuggyBoard provides parents and children alike with a ride on platform for fun and adventure aboard a 'mini skateboard', simply attaching onto the back of your pushchair.

Compact and easy to maneuver, making forwards, backwards and up and down steps, given the unique Lascal suspension system.

For you, it's easy to walk behind, given the high ground clearance. For toddler, it gives a smooth ride, given the unique Lascal suspension.

It provides a welcome rest for tired toddlers, especially after school or on long days out, avoiding the tantrums of the terrible 2's...  

Positioned between your protective arms, the child will feel safe, unable to wonder off and get lost in busy crowds or main road.

The easy fit system ensures that it is simple to transfer between pushchairs. All you need is an extra set of connectors.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fed up with frumpy maternity clothes?

Miss your trendy normal clothes but bump bands just don't cut it? Then check out these Belly Belts by Fertileminds.

GREAT VALUE. Belly Belt is the only solution that offers a COMPLETE kit, with all you need to turn button fastening AND slide fastening pants & jeans into maternity wear. Belly Belt keeps you covered with THREE panels in denim, black and white to coordinate with your wardrobe
  • BellyBelt now offers even more choice for Mums-to-be.
  • Ideal for jeans and casual wear, and also offers slide belts to extend your working wardrobe of trousers and skirts.
  • Each kit contains all you need to wear most types of pants and skirts.
  • Strong quality elastic means BellyBelt offers just the right resistance.
  • Environmentally conscious - get maximum use from garments you already have

Get your pack (containing 3 different fabrics) for £14.99 only from The Happy Baby Shop

Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Bed Worries!

Worried how your little one will make the transition from cot to bed? Try the East Coast Nursery Grow Blanket.  A blanket which adapts as baby grows and has a zip to keep covers in place and your little one nice and cosy!Available from The Happy Baby Shop for just £22.99

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sun is Shining!!

Woo! The Sun is out and everything looks a little better!!

In honour of the fab weather our featured products today are the Banz, Baby Banz, Kids Banz and Fab matching sunhats!!

Keep your little ones looking and feeling cool!!
Cute little Bandanas too!!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prince Lionheart Bebe Pod

Looking for an infant seat??

The Prince Lionheart Bebe Pod -The ultimate in infant positioning and support!  An essential tool for babies learning to sit.  The New & Improved bebePOD® now features a removable pommel that allows you to “upgrade” Baby’s First Seat with accessory packages that include a tray, placemat and more!  Lightweight, durable, non-toxic, and easy to wipe clean.!
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